1. Make sure the area where you want to pump the wing is free of sharp objects, like rocks and fences.
    2. Look for some wind shade while pumping up the wing. In case you can’t find an area with less wind, ask a friend to hold the wing while you pump.
    3. Find out the wind direction, unfold your wing by laying it on the ground, struts facing up with the wind blowing from your back.
    4. Make sure the hose clamp on the hose connecting the leading edge to the strut is open.
    5. Make sure the air valve on the central strut is closed.
    6. Spread the wing on the floor, make sure it does not have any creases. This allows the air to flow in without deteriorating the wingtips.
    7. Attach the hook connector from the pump to the leash knot.
    8. Screw the base of the valve clockwise into the thread on the Leading edge.
    9. Connect the pump nozzle into the valve of the wing. Turn clockwise for a better insertion.
    10. Inflate to the recommended pressure.
    11. Close the hose clamp. To close the valve, squeeze the clamp together while feeling the teeth ratchet until the clamp feels tight. (Secure floatation in case of leakage)
    12. Put the harness lines in place using the ties made for this purpose – see section “How To Tie The Harness Lines”
    13. Once you have put the leash on, the set up is ready! You can then use the leash to keep the wing attached to a heavy and secure object while you go to set up your board and put on your water clothes. Right on!

*Pump is not included in the FreeWing package