Modular Handle System


The new Modular Handle System by FreeWing is the first wing handle system of its kind which allows switching between soft and hard handles, personalizing your wing experience.

The key to this innovative handle system is the Integrated Connection Point. The integrated connection point creates a hard-mounting point, with a bombproof stainless threaded insert, allowing riders to easily switch handle components through the mounting bolt.

This insert is set into a nylon base that defuses the load into the body of the wing – this offered direct response and fine tunes rider feedback.

Introducing the

NEW Modular Handle System

by FreeWing


Watch this video to learn more about which handle is great for you.



90 grams

Standard on the FreeWing AIR v3

The Firm-Flex Grip Handle offers a perfect blend of the stability and connectivity of a hard handle, with the safety and compact design of a soft handle. The secret is the unique internal injection molded nylon core; this part features anti-twist inserts points which lock the handle into place, keeping the wing firm in your hands and creating a direct connection.

This part remains flexible during impact, preventing damage to your board or to the rider in the case of impact. This also allows the wing to be easily packed preventing any potential damage to the wing during storage and travel.

The molded nylon core features rounded edges as a first step. The handle is then padded inside and outside with ergonomically molded EVA, which is then wrapped in our unquie pre-treated webbing for a comfortable grip and features new anti-roll stitching for increased handle stability.


Carbon Prep-Preg Handle

100 grams

Aftermarket for the FreeWing AIR v3

The new Carbon Pre-Preg Handle is the lightest hard handle on the market which delivers precise control & direct response. The shaft is constructed with uni-directional pre-impregnated carbon and reinforced nylon anti-twist mounts. The short 200mm weighs only 100 grams, while the longer 330mm weighs just 120 grams.

We didn’t stop at making the lightest handle on the market, it needed grip. The carbon handle also features a molded 3.5mm textured grid finish for non-slip control.

The lightweight handle ensures the wing floats effortlessly when set in the neutral position for the ultimate wingfoil performance when surfing waves or down winding.

See how the Modular Handles look on the AIR v3

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for every FreeWing sold

FreeWing plants 1 mangrove tree with Worldview International Foundation. Each Mighty Mangrove sinks down 673kg of VCS-certified CO2 during its first 25 years.
Offsetting the wing’s Carbon Emissions more than 10 X over while also funding livelihood projects in Myanmar.

We also collect 1.1 kg of beach / ocean plastic trash – equivalentto the amount of plastic trash entering the ocean, per person,per year. Starboard balances this amount for our customers.