We have designed our wings to offer you the best comfort while riding. Harness lines make your navigation easier. Allowing you to put all your energy into tricks and stay longer on the water! How to correctly tie the lines

There are two loops on the central strut, (A) and (B). Close to the Leading edge stands loop (A), and loop (B) stands closer to the Trailing edge.

The harness line consists of two pieces, (a) shorter rope with different knots and (b), longer rope with the black PVC attached.

1. Insert the rope (a) into the loop (A).


2. Thread the end knot through the loop (a).


3. Tighten it up and make sure that loop (A) is being squeezed by the knot.


4. Take piece (b) and do the same as step “1” using the (B) loop instead.


5. Thread the end of the loop (the shortest side) through the other loop (longer side).


6. Tighten it up and make sure the loop (B) is being squeezed by the knot.


7. Connect the loop of piece (b) into the knots of piece (a).


8. Adjust the length according to your body structure using the different knots.