6 Tips to start wingboarding on a paddleboard or a dagger board


      1. Walk upwind before wingboarding. Always walk upwind first because it’s easier to wing board downwind back to your starting point.
      2. Start on your knees. Try handle to the FreeWing while kneeling on the board so, you don’t have to worry about stability.
      3. Flip the FreeWing. Make sure the strut and the handles are facing down. Grab the wind by the neutral handle.
      4. Position your FreeWing.  Start on your knees and grab the Freewing by the inner handles. Position the wing above your head and pump gently to capture the wind.
      5. Stand up. Once you feel comfortable having the FreeWing in your hands and get some speed while kneeling, begin standing and position yourself into the footstraps.
      6. You’re Wingboarding! Always begin winging upwind first and check your position using landmarks on the shore.

Recommended board to start wingboarding

Starboard Wingboard 4in1