When getting started with the FreeWing for learning wingboarding, it is best to try on land first to get the hang of it before transitioning to a board on the water.


1. Holding With Your Back hand & Front hand

First, begin by standing with the FreeWing in both hands, facing at a 45-degree angle into the wind with one hand at the front and one hand at the back. Once you got that, follow the next steps to get a feel of how the wing reacts to the wind.


2. Feathering – Safety Position

Grab the leading edge handle and point it upwind to disengage the FreeWing.


3. Catching the Wind – To Go Forward

With both hands and arms slightly extended, lift the FreeWing above your head. Gently raise the front arm up and catch the wind.


4. Power Up – To Gain Speed

Pull your back arm toward yourself when you want more power. Keep the top hand above your head and don’t let the nose drop down or the wingtip touch the ground.


5. Depowering – To Slow Down

Position both hands together at the same height above your head and point the leading edge upwind when you want to slow down.