In this explainer video, Trevor Tunnington shows you the correct method to unpack and then pack your FreeWing for Wing foiling & Wing surfing.

Steps to unpacking your wing:

  1. Start by finding a spot on the sand or grass away from sharp objects
  2. Unroll the wing so the bladders inside don’t crease
  3. There are two valves, make sure the centre strut valved is closed
  4. Open the leading edge valve
  5. Attach the nozzle to the valve
  6. Note: each wing has a different PSI – this is indicated on the valve collar
  7. You will hear a hissing noise – this is air entering the centre strut from the leading edge chamber
  8. Be patient as the air flows in and fills the centre strut9.Screw the valve cap back on securely without overtightening


Steps to packing your wing:

  1. Lay the FreeWing with canopy down
  2. Don’t hang the wing up when deflating, or move it around that could cause the bladder to crease
  3. Open the main leading edge valve
  4. Then open smaller the centre strut valve
  5. Slowly push the air out with your bodyweight
  6. Roll the wing up from the outside in – start with one wingtip and roll to the centre, then repeat on the other wingtip
  7. Be careful not to crease the windows with a fold – it’s ok to roll them
  8. Don’t roll too tight – which can cause the bladder to twist. The bag is oversized and will fit the wing easily
  9. Fold the wing together , again, be careful not to fold on the windows


Video shot and edited by Trevor Tunnington