Wingboarding – A Simple Guide to Getting Started will show the 6 basic steps to get you up and riding:


  1. Walk upwind before getting into the water – when you start wingboarding you will tend to blow downwind a little.
  2. Start on your knees – this keeps you stable whilst you get the hang of the wing
  3. Flip the FreeWing over – the wing may lay upside down when you get in, you need to get it into the correct flying position before you start
  4. Position your FreeWing – start on your knees and grab the FreeWing by the inner handles. Then position the wing above your head and pump gently to capture the wind.
  5. Stand up one foot at a time – once you have some speed, begin by standing with your front foot first. Once you’re standing with both feet you can position yourself into the footstraps
  6. You’re wingboarding! Always begin winging upwind first and check your position using landmarks on the shoreline.