Lesson 1 Mastering Wing Basics on the Beach Beginners Guide to Wingfoiling How-To Video Series

Lesson 1: Mastering Wing Basics on the Beach

We start at the beach with kit setup and orientation. How to inflate the wing and leave it safely. Then we’ll look at parts of the wing, such as the power and neutral handles, Struts, window and leash. Where a lot of people struggle is they take to the water too early, and don’t have…

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Beginners Guide to Winging – How-To Video Series

In this 5 part video series, we’ll take you from zero to hero, starting from the beach to gliding above the water. With tried and tested teaching methods and techniques from foil coach Sam Ross coupled together with clear visuals from our on-water team, we’ll make your learning experience rewarding, simple, and fun.   “What…

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Wingboarding – A Simple Guide to Getting Started

Wingboarding – A Simple Guide to Getting Started will show the 6 basic steps to get you up and riding:   Walk upwind before getting into the water – when you start wingboarding you will tend to blow downwind a little. Start on your knees – this keeps you stable whilst you get the hang…

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Directions in Wingboarding

Knowing what directions are possible on a wingboard will make learning to fly all that much easier. Start on a wide and comfortable board, and try swapping your foot position around when changing directions, stead of tacking with the wing behind you.

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6 Tips to Inflate the FreeWing

Inflating your FreeWing is quick and easy. Follow these  6 tips to inflate the FreeWing:   Unroll the FreeWing completely and make sure the hose clamp is in the open position. Make sure the air valve on the central strut is closed. Close the Screw the base of the valve clockwise into the thread on…

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Tips to Start Wingboarding

START WINGBOARDING 6 Tips to start wingboarding on a paddleboard or a dagger board   Walk upwind before wingboarding. Always walk upwind first because it’s easier to wing board downwind back to your starting point. Start on your knees. Try handle to the FreeWing while kneeling on the board so, you don’t have to worry…

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Learn Wingfoiling Zero to Hero with Zane Schweitzer Starboard FreeWing

Learn Wingfoiling Zero to Hero with Zane Schweitzer

Are you just getting started in the exciting new world of wing sports? In this 10 part instructional video series ‘Learn Wingfoiling Zero to Hero’, Ulltimate Waterman Zane Schweitzer shows you step-by-step to getting started in Wing foiling. This series is brought to you by the Starboard, the world’s leading wing boarding sports brand.  …

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Wingfoiling Wingsurfing How To Wave Ride | Wingboarding Zero to Hero Ep 4 with Zane Schweitzer

Wingfoiling: How To Wave Ride a Wingsufer with Foil

Wingfsurfing How To Wave Ride | Wingboarding Zero to Hero Ep 4 with Zane Schweitzer:   Learn to wingsurf from the best; wingboarding Zero to Hero instructor, Zane Schweitzer demonstrates how to control the board with some basic techniques for riders starting wingfoiling for the first time.   In this wingboarding tutorial, you will learn:…

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Wingfoiling How To Fly Upwind, Tacking and Jibe turn

Wingfoiling How To Fly Upwind, Tacking and Jibe

Wingfoiling How To Fly Upwind, Tack & Jobe | Wingboarding Zero to Hero Ep. 3 with Zane Schweitzer:   In the third episode of Wingboarding Zero to Hero, Zane Schweitzer demonstrates how to control the board with some basic techniques for riders starting wingfoiling for the first time.   In this wingboarding tutorial, you will…

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Wing Foiling Safety Tips

SAFETY FIRST Wing-Foiling is a safe sport but should still be considered as an extreme sport and can become very dangerous if played without respecting a few rules.   Choose an easy access point to enter the ocean or lake. Always avoid entering in big shore breaks. Carrying the gear out in very big shore…

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FreeWing Air Repair Guide

The FreeWing Air Repair Guide You will be able to use the repair kit enclosed in the wing bag. Note: If the leak is too big, please contact a kite repair professional. Before proceeding with any kind of repair, it’s important to follow the following steps: Repair it in a place that is sheltered from…

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FreeWing Air Maintenance Guide

FreeWing Maintenance Guide 1. BEFORE SESSION Always pump the wing at the recommended pressure level. Don’t drag the wing on the ground on the way to the beach. Don’t leave the wing under the sun exposure for more than 15 minutes. Check that the main air valve and the little central strut valve are closed…

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How To Deflate The FreeWing

Place the wing on an area without any objects that can harm the wing. Stay away from small rocks, broken glass, and other sharp materials. Open the hose clamp. To open the valve, push away on the lever, allowing the clamp to open. Unscrew the valve counterclockwise letting all the air out. On larger sizes;…

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How To Attach The Harness Line

We have designed our wings to offer you the best comfort while riding. Harness lines make your navigation easier. Allowing you to put all your energy into tricks and stay longer on the water! How to correctly tie the lines There are two loops on the central strut, (A) and (B). Close to the Leading…

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How To Inflate The FreeWing

Make sure the area where you want to pump the wing is free of sharp objects, like rocks and fences. Look for some wind shade while pumping up the wing. In case you can’t find an area with less wind, ask a friend to hold the wing while you pump. Find out the wind direction,…

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Wind Chart & Recommended Pressure

Our wings are made for all weather conditions. They are powerful, maneuverable and stable at full speed. The chart specifies the wind ranges and the recommended inflation pressure. Too much inflation may result in the wing exploding. Note: Chart relating to a 75 kg rider. – Always be aware and responsible during your practice. Avoid…

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The FreeWing Air Relevant Parts You Should Know

On the following drawing you will find each relevant part of the FreeWing you should know: THE FREEWING 01. Leading edge – Front side of the wing 02. Trailing edge – Back side of the wing 03. Wingtips 04. Central strut 05. Neutral handle 06. Leash attachment 07. Diagonal handles 08. Front handles 09. Back…

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